Tuesday, May 10, 2005

semester rant - regrets?

What can I say about this..hmm.. This semester obviously not among the best ones for me. It maybe due to my slackiness + playfulness. Huhu. Today Alhamdulillah I managed to went through one of my final exams, regardless of the result. I do regret all the time that I have wasted though. If only I have studied more haha..too much movies and goofing around makes me what? :P. Well, I realized though that people always regrets, but how many actually turn the regretful feelings into something positive and head towards improvement? I'm sounding like a Minister of Human Resources now huhu

Nonetheless, I have another exam waiting for me right now. Well, guess I should forget all the regrets and start giving my all, eh? Yosh! Gambatte for myself and my friends! It's easier to say then to be doing it though, there are so many distractions tempting me on my way - TV series, blogs, pictures, bla2 hohoho..

Come to think of it, I better stop this pointless rant and start studying. Sayonara! ^_^

p/s: because I like flowers, here goes: "grape something I don't remember" flower

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